Animal print!

Animal print!

All over I have seen fashion bloggers commenting about how animal print has become the new neutral, and I couldn’t agree more!! This bow will add a touch of feminity and flair to any outfit, and at only $4.00 how could you pass it up!? Check it out at

Have an amazing day!


Accessorize with a scarf!

Accessorize with a scarf!

Scarves have always been one of my favorite ways to accessorize! Lately, I have been sewing up a ton of them, and my love for scarves has become dangerously close to hoarding. I love that I can have one for every outfit and in any color or pattern I need! I have also added them to my business NMK Artistry’s winter line and they have been selling like hot cakes! I am so lucky to be able to love what I do and share it with others all over the globe.



I found this photo quote today and knew right away I needed to share it.

No matter what you are doing with you life make sure it is worth it. Create something magical, something fun, a moment you will never forget. You have one life to live, create something beautiful.


Ten quick things I am so thankful for

1. My amazing, caring, loving husband

2. My supportive family

3. Two furry dog children

4. My crazy friends

5. My job

6. The ability to create items for people all over the world

7. My home

8. My sister

9. My co-workers

10. The ability to have so many things that I can keep going on and on with this list.


Extra Item: Thankful that my wonderful husband went out on black friday since I had to work a night shift :)*


What are you thankful for?

Tis the Season!

It is better to give than to receive…So today I am giving credit to another fellow etsy seller! Kimberly owns Agua Giraffe a cute boutique for accessories jewelry gifts and more! Based our of Portland, ME Aqua Giraffe is stocked full of lovely knits perfect   for the winter! Make sure to visit her shop!!